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Old Simplisafe Sensors Working With The New System

Old Sensors: Do Old Simplisafe Sensors Work With New System?

Yes, old simplisafe sensors are compatible with the new system. However, it is important to check the specific compatibility with each device to ensure proper functioning in the updated system.

To ensure compatibility, it’s recommended to check with SimpliSafe customer support or refer to their official documentation for specific information on which sensors are compatible with your new system.

Upgrading to newer sensors may be necessary to fully utilize the features of the new SimpliSafe system.

Do Old Simplisafe Sensors Work With New System

Can I use old simplisafe sensors work with new system?

Yes, old SimpliSafe sensors can work with the new system. While there might be some compatibility considerations, many of the older sensors are designed to be backward compatible with newer SimpliSafe systems.

It’s recommended to check the specific model details and compatibility information to ensure a seamless integration.

What to do with old simplisafe system?

You have several options for your old SimpliSafe system:

  1. Sell or Donate: If your system is still in good condition, you can sell it online or consider donating it to someone who might find it useful.
  2. Recycle: If the system is no longer functional or outdated, recycling is an environmentally friendly option. Many electronic recycling centers accept home security systems.
  3. Keep as Backup: You could keep it as a backup system in case your new one experiences issues or use it for a different property.
  4. Repurpose Components: Repurpose individual components, such as sensors or cameras, for other DIY projects or home automation setups.

Choose the option that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Are original SimpliSafe sensors compatible with Gen 3?

The original SimpliSafe sensors are not directly compatible with Gen 3. The Gen 3 system has updated technology and communication protocols that may not be supported by the older sensors.

It is recommended to use sensors specifically designed for the Gen 3 system to ensure optimal functionality and security.

What is the difference between SimpliSafe Gen 1 and Gen 2?

The SimpliSafe Gen 2 system introduced several improvements over the Gen 1 version. Some key differences include enhanced wireless communication, increased sensor range, and a more streamlined design.

Gen 2 also brought improvements in the software, providing better customization options and a more user-friendly interface compared to Gen 1.

Does old simplisafe work with new simplisafe?

Yes, the old SimpliSafe system is compatible with the new SimpliSafe. Both systems use the same base technology, allowing for seamless integration and communication between the devices.

You can mix and match components from the old and new systems to create a customized security setup that suits your preferences.

Are There Any Limitations When Using Old Sensors With The New Simplisafe System?

There are no limitations when using old simplisafe sensors with the new system. You can still enjoy all the features and functionalities of the new system, including smart home integration and remote monitoring, without the need for purchasing new sensors.

Can I Mix Old And New Simplisafe Sensors Within The Same System?

Yes, you can mix old and new simplisafe sensors within the same system. This provides flexibility in expanding or upgrading your security setup. Whether you have existing sensors or decide to purchase new ones, they can easily coexist and work together harmoniously.


It is evident that old simplisafe sensors can indeed work with the new system. This compatibility offers users the flexibility to utilize their existing sensors without having to purchase new ones. By simply updating the simplisafe base station and configuring the settings, users can seamlessly integrate their old sensors into the new system.

This not only saves them money but also ensures a smooth transition to the upgraded system. Whether it’s door/window sensors, motion sensors, or any other type of sensor, users can rest assured that their old devices will continue to function effectively.

Simplisafe’s commitment to backward compatibility reaffirms their dedication to customer satisfaction and convenience.

So, if you already have a set of old simplisafe sensors, there’s no need to worry – they can still be utilized with the new system, providing you with reliable home security for years to come.

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