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how does vivint buyout work

Does Vivint Buyout Contracts? Flexibility Unlocked!

Yes, Vivint can potentially help you buy out your existing home security contract with another company, but it’s not guaranteed and depends on several factors.

Vivint, a prominent player in the home security industry, offers various contract options to its customers. Among these options are buyout contracts, which can be a point of interest for those considering their commitment to Vivint’s services.

Let’s delve into what these buyout contracts entail and how they may affect you as a consumer.

Does Vivint Buyout Contracts

What are Buyout Contracts?

Buyout contracts, as the name suggests, provide customers with the opportunity to terminate their existing contract with Vivint before its natural expiration by buying out the remainder of the contract term.

This option allows customers more flexibility and control over their service agreements, particularly if their circumstances change or if they wish to explore alternatives.

Can Vivint Buyout Contracts?

Yes, they offer a program to buy out contracts with up to 12 months remaining. It’s called the “Vivint Buyout Program,” and you can initiate it through their website.

However, they don’t automatically buy out every contract. They will assess your individual situation and make an offer based on factors like:

  • The remaining term of your existing contract
  • The early termination fee you’d be responsible for with your current provider
  • The value of the equipment you own with your current provider
  • Your location and their sales goals in that area

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks?

If you choose the buyout program from Vivint, you will get a few benefits. However, it has some drawbacks as well. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of Vivint buyout contracts.


  • Simplified transition: Vivint handles the paperwork and communication with your current provider.
  • Potential cost savings: They might offer to cover a portion or all of your early termination fee, making switching more affordable.
  • Access to Vivint’s technology and services: You’ll benefit from their smart home features and monitoring services.


  • Not guaranteed: They might not make an offer at all, depending on their assessment.
  • Limited coverage: Only applies to contracts with up to 12 months remaining.
  • Potential hidden fees: Make sure you understand all associated costs before accepting their offer.

How Does Vivint Buyout Work?

Vivint might buy out a contract if someone wants to stop using their services before the contract is finished. They might ask you to pay some money to end the contract early.

It’s like if you wanted to stop playing with a toy before it’s time to switch to a new one, but you need to give a little something in return.

The process of a Vivint buyout is:

1. Contact Vivint: If you’re interested in a buyout, you can contact Vivint directly. They will ask you for information about your current system and contract.

2. Vivint makes an offer: Based on the information you provide, Vivint will decide whether to offer you a buyout and how much they will pay.

3. You decide: You can then accept or decline the offer. If you accept, Vivint will handle the cancellation of your current contract and provide you with a new Vivint system.

Vivint Home Security

Does Vivint Buy Out All Contracts?

No, Vivint doesn’t buy out all contracts. They will only consider buying out contracts for up to 12 months remaining on your current system. They will also assess other factors, like your location and the specific terms of your existing contract.

Tips for Negotiating a Buyout

If you want to end your Vivint contract early, it’s a good idea to talk to them nicely and see if you can work out a deal that’s fair for both of you. Sometimes, they might be willing to let you go without paying a lot of extra money.

Don’t forget to compare their offer to other options. Consider the total costs and benefits before making a decision.

Read the fine print carefully. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before accepting any offer.

Alternatives to Consider

If you failed to negotiate with Vivint, you can consider the following alternatives:.

Negotiate with your current provider: You might be able to get them to lower your early termination fee or offer a different incentive to stay.

Sell your existing equipment: If you own the equipment, you could sell it to recoup some of the cost of switching.

Choose a different provider: Other home security companies might have their own buyout programs or offer competitive pricing.

Vivint Buyout Number

The Vivint buyout number is a special phone number where you can call if you want to know more about switching to Vivint or if you have questions about their offers and deals. It’s like calling a friendly wizard to ask for help!

Vivint buyout contact information is: Phone: 888.521.4919 | Support:

Will Vivint Buyout ADT Contract?

Sometimes Vivint can work like a superhero and help you break free from your contract with ADT. It’s like them saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!” But it’s best to talk to Vivint directly to see if they can rescue you from your old contract.

How to Break a Vivint Contract?

Breaking a Vivint contract might feel like untying a magic knot. You can always cancel a Vivint contract, but it might cost you some money.

For that, you’ll need to talk to Vivint to see if there’s a way to end the contract early. They might have special spells or options to help you out.

Vivint Buyout Gift Card Balance

If Vivint offers you a gift card as part of a buyout deal, it’s like receiving a special treasure that you can use to buy fun things! You can check how much treasure is left on the card by asking Vivint or checking online, just like counting your gold coins.

Does ADT Buy Out Contracts?

ADT might sometimes act like a knight in shining armor and offer to rescue you from your old contract with another company. It’s like them saying, “We’ll save you from the dragon!” But it’s best to check with ADT directly to see if they have any special offers or spells to help you out.


In conclusion, Vivint does offer buyout contracts, providing customers with an alternative to fulfilling their entire contract term. These contracts offer flexibility and freedom, allowing customers to make changes to their home security services as needed.

However, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate the terms and costs associated with buyout contracts before making a decision. By understanding the options available, customers can make informed choices that best suit their needs and circumstances.

FAQs: Does Vivint Buyout Contracts?

Can I end my Vivint contract early?

Yes, you can, but there might be fees involved.

How much does it cost to buy out a Vivint contract?

The cost can vary, so it’s best to contact Vivint directly to discuss your specific situation.

What if I’m not happy with Vivint’s services?

You can try to negotiate a buyout or explore other options for ending the contract.

Will I lose my security system if I end my Vivint contract?

It depends on the terms of your contract. Some contracts might require you to return the equipment, while others might allow you to keep it.

Can I transfer my Vivint contract to someone else?

In some cases, yes, you might be able to transfer your contract to another person, but again, it’s best to check with Vivint directly for their policies on contract transfers.

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